The Madhouse 6 PM- 7 PM every Tuesday & Thursday

Evening show with Jonathan who spins alternative and heavy metal. This is often a high impact hard-hitting metal show on day one, and

on day two it’s all rock, all alternative.


The Realm – Sundays 7pm – 8pm

Evening talk show with L.V. Hissem taking you on adventures through the Realm of the mythical.


AJ’s Heart and Seoul – Saturdays 11pm – Midnight

Late night K-pop with A.J. Keeping you up, alert, and ready to dance-off.


 Random Insanity Wednesday 5 PM- 6 PM & Friday 7 PM- 8 PM

If you are wondering about what this show is, the name of the show explains it all: random insanity. Ivan, the show’s host, has a very calm and soothing voice. We cover everything from international music, to the chicken farm WVU Parkersburg owns, to letters with Dear Random Insanity (which is the most honest advice you will ever hear). Random Insanity is all fiction! However, in the event that some truth is told, it will be by accident.


Nostalgia Friday 5 PM- 6 PM

This show focuses on classic hits and interesting news articles.


Renegade Radio with Prof. Crites  Friday 9 PM- 12 AM

Renegade Radio is a hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal show on WPKM 96.3 the Beet. It is hosted by the powerful and good-looking Professor Crites. The show focuses on integrating classic hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal with innovative new stuff. We strive to provide the listener with a comprehensive listening experience spanning many generations, genres, and sub-genres of hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal.


The Great Echo 9 PM- 11 PM

Join Kenzie and Tyler as they dive deep into cinema scores and classic films.

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